any country for tourists. Countries that accepts Driving Licence. Countries which signed the 'United Nations Convention on Road Traffic'. List of countries accepting International Driver's Licence. Countries which allows to use their domestic Driving Licenses when travelling in any country, and abroad. permit for truck, motorcycle, Driver Licence,motoring,bike,DMV,DVLA

Countries of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic

Countries which have signed the United Nations convention on Road traffic and safety. Countries that accepts an International Driver's Licence in any country. List of countries by minimum driving age. worldwide age for Driver's Licence. All about a valid International Driving Licences. Guide for tourists.

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  »   Countries of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic

Geographical Areas
Which Honor International Driving Permits
(Convention on Road Traffic, United Nations, Geneva 1949) as of June, 1996

Afghanistan* Ecuador*** Latvia St. Lucia
Albania Egypt Lebanon St. Vincent &
The Grenadines
Algeria El Salvador*/*** Lesotho San Marino
Andorra Equatorial Guinea* Liberia* Sao Tome &
Angola* Estonia* Libya* Saudi Arabia*
Antigua*/** Fiji Liechtenstein* Senegal
Armenia* Finland Lithuania* Seychelles
Argentina*** France (including French
overseas Territories)
Luxembourg Sierra Leone
Australia French Polynesia Macao* Singapore
Austria Gabon* Madagascar Slovakia
Azerbaijan* Gambia Malawi Slovenia*
Bahamas Georgia Malaysia South Africa
Bahrain* Germany* Mali Spain
Bangladesh Ghana Malta Sri Lanka
Barbados** Gibraltar Mauritania* Sudan*
Belarus* Greece Mauritius Suriname
Belgium Grenada Mexico*/*** Swaziland
Belize Guatemala*** Moldova* Sweden
Benin Guernsey Monaco Switzerland*
Bhutan* Guinea Montserrat*/** Syria
Bolivia*/*** Guinea-Bissau* Morocco Taiwan
Botswana Guyana Mozambique* Tajikstan*
Brunei* Haiti Myanmar* Tanzania
Bulgaria Honduras*/*** Namibia Thailand
Burkina Faso*
(was Upper Volta)
Hong Kong Nepal* Togo
Cameroon* Hungary Netherlands Trinidad & Tobago***
Canada Iceland New Caledonia Tunisia
Cape Verde Islands* India New Zealand Turkey
Cayman Islands* Indonesia* Nicaragua*/*** Turkmenistan*
Central African Rep. Iran* Niger Uganda
Chad* Ireland Norway Ukraine*
Chile*** Israel Oman* United Arab Emirates*
Colombia*/*** Italy Pakistan* United Kingdom
Comoros* Ivory Coast Panama* Uzbekistan*
Congo Jamaica Papua New Guinea Vatican City
Costa Rica*/*** Japan Paraguay Venezuela***
Croatia* Jersey* Peru Vietnam*
Cuba Jordan Philippines Western Samoa
Curacao Kampuchea (was Cambodia) Poland Yemen*
Cyprus Kazakhstan* Portugal Yugoslavia
Czech Rep. Kenya* Qatar* Zaire
Denmark Korea (rep.) Romania Zambia
Djibouti* Kuwait* Russia* Zimbabwe
Dominica*/** Kyrgystan Rwanda
Dominican Rep.*** Laos St. Christopher, Nevis
& Anguilla*/*

  • *Not party of 1949 Convention: International Driving Permit honored.
  • **U.S. driver's license and International Driving Permit recognized on presentation to local police and payment of Special Registration Fee upon arrival.
  • ***Geographical areas which honor Inter-American driving permits (Convention on Regulation of Inter-American Motor Vehicle Traffic, Organization of American States, Washington, D.C. 1943) as of June, 1996. If you intend to drive in the following countries, be sure to check INTER-AMERICAN DRIVING PERMIT box page 1: Brazil and Uruguay

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